• Hopping Run
    Hopping Run

    Hopping Run

    “It is a running game that you control the animals on the hopping stick and aim for the top.
    You can out-run the opponent by jumping and taking advantage of the shortcuts.
    Hop in and run for the top to be the winner.”

  • FireFireFire!



  • BombEscorter‪s‬


    “You are the bomb master!

    You are the hero hired to dismantle an evil organization !

    Draw a long fuse going through the bomb toward the building where your target is hiding!

    The moment it ignites, the flame of justice will blow up the building!

    Now, it’s time for the dangerous mission !”

  • Chase The Shee‪p
    Chase The Shee‪p

    Chase The Shee‪p

    “Lead the lost sheep to the shed!

    This is a simulation game where you can experience the work of a sheepdog.

    The carefree sheep don’t come back to the shed even when the time is up.

    As a sheepdog, you have to chase the sheep and lead them to the shed.

    The sheep are friendly and get lonely easily. When you approach them, they will form a group and move together.

    You can lead many sheep at once by chasing them to make them form a big group.

    Be careful of the cows in the midst of them, they will get angry and throw a tantrum if you get too close.

    Remember to watch the distance when chasing them.

    Aim to be an excellent sheepdog that can lead many animals to the shed !”

  • Ground Slicing 3D
    Ground Slicing 3D

    Ground Slicing 3D

    “Use sword to cut the ground!

    If you can push all enemies into the holes without hurting the captives, you win.

    Gently lure enemies and attack them all at once!”

  • Cleaner Run
    Cleaner Run

    Cleaner Run

    “The more blocks you inhale, the more scores you get.”

    It is a running game using a vacuum cleaner!

    Let’s reach the goal while cleaning the blocks and dirt on the road!

    The more blocks you inhale, the more scores you get.”

  • Samurai Slash 3D
    Samurai Slash 3D

    Samurai Slash 3D

    “You are the last samurai.

    Cut off the bullets and chop up the ennemies !

    Dash & cut accross 5+ worlds

    Swipe and slash eveything.

    Face fearsome bosses & killer fruits.

    Enjoy an Action packed chase through 40+ levels of crazy slashing action.

    Uppgrade your character, fight your way to the top, unlock all legendary weapons, and become the Ultimate Samurai Master.”

  • Kintsugi 3D
    Kintsugi 3D

    Kintsugi 3D

    “Chance to experience “Kintsugi” – one of the Japanese traditions !

    This is a mending simulation game that sublimates into an art form.


    Kintsugi is a traditional Japanese technique of repairing chipped bowls or broken plates with gold.

    Not only to fix them but also to add value and make them beautiful.


    It is beautiful because it is not perfect.

    Please experience the art of imperfection.”

  • Kick Runner
    Kick Runner

    Kick Runner

    The player can kick the disc the same way as air hookey.

    Destroy the obstacles with the disc and head for the goal !

    By taking fruits that are available along the way, the player’s kicking power is increased which helps get higher score.

  • Peeling Run
    Peeling Run

    Peeling Run

    Let’s peel the skin of food cleanly!

    A new running game – a tiny human is peeling food.

    Fruits and vegetables are big stages for the tiny guy.

    Use a big peeler to run through the stage,

    Peel as many as possible and clean the stage!

  • Scisors Run
    Scisors Run

    Scisors Run

    “Use a scissor to cut the paper beautifully!

    A fun run game in which you use the scissor to cut lots of things.

    Try to cut obstacles and stages to complete a neat shape.

    Finally, cut the stage into smaller pieces and finish with confetti!”

  • Domino Dash Run
    Domino Dash Run

    Domino Dash Run

    “Dash over the crumbling dominoes and aim for the goal!

    If you can cross the other side well so as not to fall into the water.

    The completed domino will be a beautiful illustration.”

  • Cloth Puller
    Cloth Puller

    Cloth Puller

    “This is a new game that make you feels like pulling a real cloth!

    Pull the cloth to guide a bunch of blocks into the hole!

    The trick is to control direction and strength when pulling.

    The more blocks you can put in, the higher your score will be.”

  • Skewered Man
    Skewered Man

    Skewered Man





  • Draw Buster
    Draw Buster

    Draw Buster

    “Draw your own weapon and fight the enemy!

    Use sword for quick attack.

    Use javelin to throw at the enemies from high

    Use hammer to destroy obstacles.

    Use shield to block the attack from powerful giants.

    Understand the characteristics of each weapon and exploit the weakness of the enemies to fight.

    Let’s defeat the final boss!”

  • Suck The Tapioca
    Suck The Tapioca

    Suck The Tapioca

    “タピオカミルクティーは好きですか? ひょっとしてゲームも好きですか?


    そのゲームの名前は、「Suck The Tapioca」です。



  • Stick Master 3D
    Stick Master 3D

    Stick Master 3D




  • Block Master 3D – Run Game
    Block Master 3D – Run Game

    Block Master 3D – Run Game




  • Sticky Ball Run
    Sticky Ball Run

    Sticky Ball Run




  • Crash Crowd
    Crash Crowd

    Crash Crowd






  • Fighting Rush!
    Fighting Rush!

    Fighting Rush!

    “Time to defeat the enemies in this exciting action video game!

    You can shoot bullets to attack all enemies from a distance!

    If they dare aprroaching you, unleash the “”Invincible Whirlwind Kick”” to clear the way; but beware that you will be exhausted after using that move!

    Defeat all enemies and earn scores!”

  • Color Smasher Race
    Color Smasher Race

    Color Smasher Race

    “Breaking through the wall!

    The most exciting run game ever!

    You can change the color of your character by crashing into multi-colored tiles.

    Blow away the wall blocks by running to crash the same color with your character.

    Let’s speed up by breaking the matching color walls and aim for 1st place!”

  • Kill them all! 3D
    Kill them all! 3D

    Kill them all! 3D

    “Zombies have taken over the country!

    You are the only one who can save this country.

    Slay the zombies!! I’m expecting a new hero.

    Good luck.”

  • Don’t look away
    Don’t look away

    Don’t look away

    “A new style of horror game using camera.

    There is “something” close to you, “something” is staring and waiting for you to let your guard down.

    When the fear run high, are you brave enough to close your eyes?

    Right here, a great test of your courage will begin.”

  • Strike Ball 3D
    Strike Ball 3D

    Strike Ball 3D

    “Pull the ball, aim, and hit the crystal!

    Destroy all the crystals and you’ll clear the stage!

    Super exhilarating ball action!”

  • Draw Raft 3D
    Draw Raft 3D

    Draw Raft 3D

    “Draw a raft paddle and cross the river!

    The shape of your paddle and the size of your paddle will be the movement of your raft.

    Avoid rocks and driftwood and do not capsize.”

  • SpyMaster 3D
    SpyMaster 3D

    SpyMaster 3D

    “Complete the mission in a cool way.

    You are a professional spy undertaking various missions.

    Overcome the obstacles that stand in your way and succeed in your mission.

    A stylish and thrilling spy experience awaits you!”

  • Speed Tile Art
    Speed Tile Art

    Speed Tile Art

    “Operate the car, paint the tiles.

    Let’s finish the painting!”

  • Draw Glass
    Draw Glass

    Draw Glass

    “Draw Glass is the fun puzzle game in which you must keep back water and other objects.

    You must help the water and other objects to flow in the right direction.

    To do this you can should us your creative drawing skills.

    There is more than enough water and other objects to keep back but be careful!

    Spill too much water and other objects and you will need to retry the level.”

  • Tiger Master – Puzzle Game
    Tiger Master – Puzzle Game

    Tiger Master – Puzzle Game

    “Let’s move the animals!

    Step on all footholds!

    Go under the Ring of Fire!”

  • Big Fan 3D!
    Big Fan 3D!

    Big Fan 3D!




  • Draw Fighters
    Draw Fighters

    Draw Fighters


  • CRASH -Hyper Casual Fight Game
    CRASH -Hyper Casual Fight Game

    CRASH -Hyper Casual Fight Game

    “This is amazing action game.

    Fight! Fight! Fight!

    Crash! Crash! Crash!”

  • Light Reflection – Puzzle Game
    Light Reflection – Puzzle Game

    Light Reflection – Puzzle Game

    “A unique puzzle game which guide the light!
    Tap to change the angle of the light and the mirror to guide the light to the goal!
    The unique gimmick is sure to amaze you!
    You can play many challenging stages!
    It’s a simple puzzle game that you can play in a short time with one finger.”

  • Tapioca



  • Word Quiz 3D
    Word Quiz 3D

    Word Quiz 3D

    “Word Quiz 3D is the perfect quiz game for having fun, eye training and new knowledge in the most satisfying way.
    If you are confident in your knowledge, vocabulary and you have a sharp eye, then Word Quiz 3D is your best choice. This simple quiz game with words, numbers and a variety of emoticons is extremely easy and effortless to play for time killing with fun.”

  • Flying Animal
    Flying Animal

    Flying Animal

    “Hit the see-saw with a hammer and fly up into the air!
    While flying, slide the screen to collect coins and keep flying through the acceleration booster ring!
    Upgrade stage if you want to fly higher!
    – Improve the flight distance by strengthening POWER!
    – Get the coin & acceleration booster by dragging SLIDER left or right!
    – Earn more and more coins with EARNINGS!
    Download now! Looking forward to the exciting and exhilarating experience of flying into the sky!”